About update Bagisto

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    We have customized Bagisto on various places like:

    1. Update logic in existing packages
    2. Updated some config files
    3. Created new packages
    4. Update product page display (attribute display & price calculation logic)
    5. Provide multiple variant selection on the product page and add them all into the cart with one "Add to cart click"
    6. Thus the cart, order & invoice process (logic) has changed.

    So now we are not in a position to update Bagisto, we have have two options now:

    1. Either we stop Bagisto updation permanently (Please suggest how it will achieve) OR
    2. Is it possible to convert our Bagisto setup into to laravel base setup so we can use composer for further use?

    Please guide on this and suggest the way.

  • hi @_developer_12 ,

    i have the same problem before, to achieve that try to learn how git(github) work..
    you can update with see the difference between your code and updated code before you apply it, can choose which file you want to update or not, and many other..

    make sure to backup your code before trying to integrate it for the first time with bagisto repository on github

  • Hello @_developer_12

    As you have changes in the existing package so now it very hard to update because new changes will vanish the existing one.

  • Thanks, otheriz & rahul for replay.

    Can you suggest how we can do customization without a touch of the core process.? like, is there a way we can extend package in child package (as in Magento) so core functionality will not effect?

    Else it will be very hard to replicate customize work in the new version. Thus it will better to not update the Bagisto at my end and can do further customization. So can you suggest the way to stop Bagisto updation by composer permenently?

    Please guide o this.

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