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S3 uploaded images not visible in Shop & Admin Dashboard

  • I have used s3 in my filesystem config. I uploaded product & slider images which got uploaded successfully on S3. When I am opening up the product or the slider the images are not visible. Instead, the link is not of s3. It showing up the links such as http://localhost/cache/large/product/8/DYwNCo6YSXudT6Yp73hFUYNu01tE03axGFW85UFk.jpeg or http://localhost/storage/slider_images/Default/2l0TtSaNcfjC2JxUZYFbh0Jhzf1vlLiYzhmAYWxI.jpeg
    It should be prefixed with the bucket URL.

    When I checked the product in the Admin Dashboard, I can see the images uploaded on S3 but not in the shop.

    I am not able to see any slider images uploaded on S3 in the Admin Dashboard.
    Also, when I upload a new Image to S3 the image's permission is not set to public by default. I had to make them public explicitly after that they were visible only at a few places not everywhere.

  • Hi @fkhan

    We are checking this problem at our end, once its get done, we will revert here.


  • Hi @fkhan

    We have used intervention package for resizing product images into different size and this images are not uploading on s3 bucket so product images are not appearing on shop.

    For right now, if you want then you need to write code to upload these resize images on s3 bucket and need to get this images on shop.

    We will soon update these things to provide fully s3 bucket support to our system until you can wait.


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