'State' field should not mandatory when creating a new tax rate

  • Why is the 'State' field mandatory when creating a new tax rate ?
    Does it mean that I have to create a tax rate for each state?

    In many european countries the tax rate is equal for all states so it does not make sense that the state is mandatory

  • Yes for now you have to create tax rate for each state, because currently tax rate calculate on the basis of state and zip both.
    We will try to make tax rate dependent on only zip code in our next version.

  • @Jyoti

    But that means I should create 17 equal tax rates with the same value - That does not make sense
    if you make tax rates dependent on ZipCode, please make sure that it is possible to create a 'Catch all'

  • @rabol
    You can also upload tax rate through csv,xls and xlsx file, no need to create each tax rate separately.

  • Hi

    Thanks - It's a very good proposal.

    Where should I do the customization so that I do not get in trouble when the next version of Bagisto is released ?

  • [email protected]
    You can create your own package for this.

  • Hi @Jyoti @admin
    Currently, In many countries GST/VAT is not either state or Pincode-dependent. It is a category dependent.
    For example:
    Let's say we have two categories of "Electronic Product" and "Handicraft".

    • Electronic Product carries 28% GST/VAT for all states and pincodes.
    • Handicraft category carries 12% GST/VAT for all states and pincodes.

    So there could be two solutions:

    1. Pincode and state dependency of taxes must be removed.
    2. An extra functionality could be added for supporting both requirements.


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    @devansh-webkul said in Hitting API with guzzle:

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    yaa its correct our project name folder is /is/ the following url is working with browser giving response and it also working with POSTMAN too.

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