Module url caught by Bagisto

  • Hi

    I'm trying do develop a new module, and I have tried to follow the doc's, but my module's url get's caught by a system url

    My module URL is like this admin/createtaxrates
    but it get's caught by the ProductsCategoriesProxy controller

        Route::get('{slugOrPath}', \Webkul\Shop\Http\Controllers\ProductsCategoriesProxyController::class . '@index')
            ->defaults('_config', [
                'product_view' => 'shop::products.view',
                'category_view' => 'shop::products.index'
            ->where('slugOrPath', '^([a-z0-9-]+\/?)+$')

    any hint why ?

  • Hi @rabol

    This issue has been fixed, kindly take pull from master branch of bagisto.


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