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Update the base currency in Admin Panel.

  • Please refer: ss.PNG

    Need to update the base currency to KWD from USD. Please list the steps.

    Our current bagisto version is v0.1.7 and we have made major fixes on this.


  • On the channel set default currency
    and in /config/app.php set the 'currency' so that it will display the 'default'

  • Hello @nilofer ,

    As you have already created the currencies just set the default currency in config/app.php file and run following command:
    composer dump-autoload.


    After that update your exchange rate according to your source currency and targate currency.

    Thank you..

  • Initially bagisto providing USD and EUR only to set as your base currency.

    1. If you want to change the base currency to INR or AED , you have to create a new currency from the admin login. set the INR to the env currency variable.
    2. php artisan config:Cache
    3. php artisan cache:clear ( important because the session having the old currency )

    try again .

    if not changed still then go to the db and change the first row to which currency you want.

    thats how i got the issue cleared.

  • @nafil-developer
    Thanks for mentioning your solution!

    Feel free to have further query!

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