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Errors unresolved after upgrading version to v0.2.2.

  • Please find the list of errors that we are facing even after upgrading the version of our platform from v.0.1.7 to v.0.2.2.

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    1. Order Confirmation Emails not being received after placing order (Guest)

    2. ADMN PANEL>> SALES >> ORDERS >> TOTAL PAID amount is showing Zero for successful orders.

    3. REGISTERED USER >>LOGIN >>PROFILE >> " PROFILE" text is showing under the Profile details.

    4. ADMIN PANEL>>CATALOG>>PRODUCTS>>EDIT PRODUCT>>Inventories are not updating to zero if the item is Out of stock.

    5. ADMIN>>SALES>>ORDERS>>ACTIONS(Pending)>>How an admin can raise a refund request?

    6. ADMIN>>CATALOG>>PRODUCT(CONFIGURABLE)>>ADD VARIANT grid is partially visible and there is no horizontal scrollbar on 100% screen resolution.

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    7. AR>>FRONT END>>CATEGORY lists are not displaying.

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  • @nilofer
    I have checked on your website, everything seems to be fine.Please check it once, in case of any doubt you can raise your query here.
    For order confirmation email please check your email configuration in .env file.

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