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Add Carousel component VueJS into Bagisto

  • Hi, i need help for add another slider in bagisto, i want to add this slider vuejs
    How i should add this componen?

  • Hi isaac9 ,

    In our latest release, we have a new velocity theme, you may refer from there as -

    If still you have any query, then feel free to write to us...


  • I tried but I am facing following issue

    velocity-core.js:1 RangeError: Invalid array length
    at [as _l] (velocity-core.js:1)
    at a.render (velocity.js:1)
    at a.t._render (velocity-core.js:1)
    at (velocity-core.js:1)
    at hn.get (velocity-core.js:1)
    at new hn (velocity-core.js:1)
    at velocity-core.js:1
    at a.$n.$mount (velocity-core.js:1)
    at a.$n.$mount (velocity-core.js:1)
    at init (velocity-core.js:1)

    My component

    :rtl="localeDirection == 'rtl'"
    :loop="loop == 'true' ? true : false"
    :autoplay="autoplay == 'true' ? true : false"
    :autoplayTimeout="timeout ? parseInt(timeout) : 2000"
    (navigationEnabled == 'hide') ? 'navigation-hide' : '',
    (paginationEnabled == 'hide') ? 'pagination-hide' : '',

            v-for="index in parseInt(slidesCount)"
            :name="`slide-${parseInt(index) - 1}`">


    <script type="text/javascript">
    export default {
    props: [

        data: function () {
            return {}
        methods: {
            slideClicked: function () {


    My blade file code

    foreach($features as $feature)
    // $banners[]=;

    // echo '<pre>';print_r($banners);echo '</pre>';die();

    direction="{{ core()->getCurrentLocale()->direction }}"
    default-banner="{{ asset('/themes/velocity/assets/images/banner.webp') }}"
    banners="{{ json_encode($banners) }}"
    perPage="{{ count($banners) }}"

    @if(! empty($banners))
        <img class="col-12 no-padding banner-icon" src="{{ $banners[0] }}" alt=""/>
        <img class="col-12 no-padding banner-icon" src="{{ asset('/themes/velocity/assets/images/banner.webp') }}" alt=""/>


    Please check my code and let me know my issue.


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