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  • Hello, I am new on Laravel. 🙂
    I create a file /packages/WEbkul/Admin/src/resources/lang/tr/app.php and translate all line.

    But i cannot change panel language, how can i do?


  • @OSentrk
    Do you want to change the language of admin panel?

  • You can change the default language for the admin interface by following these steps:

    1. open config/app.php and search for 'locale'
        | Application Locale Configuration
        | The application locale determines the default locale that will be used
        | by the translation service provider. You are free to set this value
        | to any of the locales which will be supported by the application.
        'locale' => 'en',
    1. Change the value from 'en' to 'tr'
    2. Save the changes and refresh the admin interface.

  • Hey I have the latest version of bagisto and when I change local from 'en' to 'ar' it doesn't work.
    pleasecan you help me ?

  • @kassouf
    first, make sure that ar locale should be added in front admin->settings->locales

    after that, do the changes in .env file and update app_locale = ar

  • @Vaishali-Agarwal Thank you

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