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SQL error when creating new configurable product in marketplace

  • Hi, I've faced next problem:

    SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'product_id' in 'field list' (SQL: select `product_id` from `products` where `products`.`parent_id` = 27 and `products`.`parent_id` is not null)

    Steps to reproduce:
    Create a new marketplace, approve it.
    Go to marketplace/account/catalog/products
    Create new configurable product /marketplace/account/catalog/products/create
    Select product type configurable and any attribute family
    Click create 2 times
    Problem appears, product not created.

  • Hi @interactivated

    As given, you got this error in the marketplace module. I would request you to kindly raise a ticket for the same issue here along with the Order ID which you have got after the successful purchase of the marketplace module.

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