After Network Portal cart is showing empty

  • Hi Team,

    This is major issue in bagisto. when i place order on website it will redirect on network payment portal. once its done he is showing cart is empty.

    if (Cart::hasError())
    return response()->json(['redirect_url' => route('shop.checkout.cart.index')], 403);

        $cart = Cart::getCart();

    if ($redirectUrl = Payment::getRedirectUrl($cart)) {
    return response()->json([
    'success' => true,
    'redirect_url' => $redirectUrl

        $order = $this->orderRepository->create(Cart::prepareDataForOrder());
        session()->put('order', $order);
      return $order->id;

  • Hii @hammadweb2020,

    Can you please elaborate more about your issue, and if possible, attach some screenshots.


  • Hi Bagisto Team,

    Is it possible if i share the website code with you to check and fix the issue.
    Can i get your company email id so that i can send a code to you for review.

  • Hello @hammadweb2020

    You can raise ticket regarding the query and can also share the code here:

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