Create custom shipment

  • I try to create custom shipment by creating a package and try to insert the custom shipment. but there are no result. my packages have been discovered by laravel but i cant add my shiping method in admin dashboard, pls help

    here's my package dir

    my carriers which extends from abstract carriers in bagisto

    my config inside package folder

    and my services provider

    please help, five me guide. thank you

  • Hello jonathantyar,

    You need to create system.php file first, have a look at package 'Shipping->src->Config->system.php' file which will help you in easy understanding

    and after that, within your provider's register method, merge your carriers and system file like below stated

            dirname(__DIR__) . '/Config/carriers.php', 'carriers'
            dirname(__DIR__) . '/Config/system.php', 'core'

    At last, run the below commands

    1. composer dump-autoload
    2. php artisan config:cache

  • thank you :), now i can see it on admin panel.

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