PayPal Setup

  • I'm setting up my account with PayPal, i came to the way to integrate PayPal to Bagisto and i'm offered two options:

    • Work with an e-commerce solution
    • Add HTML button on your website

    I have the feeling that will be the second option, but i don't want to continue as many times setup becomes a mess if wrong option is selected.

    Does anyone knows?

  • Hi @dan3460

    please explain your query in detail, as I am not getting this.

    Where you want to add PayPal, As currently we have already a Paypal Payment gateway implemented or you want to implement the feature?


  • Mi question is not with Bagisto. I'm opining the account in PayPal and i'm offered two options, the ones that i pointed out before, i don't know which option to use.

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