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Custom Product type

  • I went through the instructions on how to great a new custom Product type... but this step implies something that makes no sense

    1. Below piece of code, let you merge your package config files to the project root “config” folder.

      dirname(DIR) . '/Config/product_types.php', 'product_types'

    I have no idea where this is supposed to go!

  • Have you ever follow the number 1 instruction?

    1. Create your own package, may refer Package development.

    Very thankfully bagisto still use laravel packages standard to add our own package(not like the previous eCommerce framework i used which has they own way which is buggy and make me hard to understand and develop, and one of the reason why i switch to bagisto)

    if you familiar with it, it's better Laravel Packages
    but i recommended you to use bagisto tutorial, since they simplify it and easy to understand

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