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Export Sales Order Items

  • Dear Bagisto,

    Currently, i check the export sales function only export the sales/order header data..
    How to export/download the sales/order item ?

    Thank You

  • Hello,

    As we checked it's working fine. Can you tell which bagisto version are you using or please attach some screenshot...


  • @prateek-webkul the latest one..i always pull the update version from github..
    i mean the order Line..not the Header(Order Number, total, etc)

    this is what i mean by "Header"

    this is "Line/Items"

    The export function only get the header, not the items...
    i try on the bagisto demo the default function only export the header part ?
    how to export the items part too ?

  • Hello There,

    Thanks for reaching us.

    Basically when you export from here the actual order data grid is downloaded, if you want to add some more data, you need to manipulate this file.

    You can add check here and download a new datagrid file, where you can get data whatever you want

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