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error server 500 after install

  • Hi to everybody

    I tried install Bagisto from softaculous in my shared hosting and all look well at start but if I try loggin to admin dashboard I get an 500 server error 😞

    I already thought about contacting my hosting provider but I have the impression that he may not know what requirements Bagisto needs to work on the server and most likely he will ask me about that requirements. The problem is that I do not know how to tell him what those requirements are and how to implement them in a shared hosting.

    How can the server throw a 500 error only when I enter the administrator but not when I enter the home page?

    Can someone give me a little light about it?

    Bagisto has been correctly installed in:

    Admin URL:
    User: [email protected]
    Pass: 123456

  • Hi @ytcele
    can you show us error in development mode by changing the below

    go to .env file-> change APP_DEBUG=true

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