How to get rid of Bagisto installer

  • I have deployed Bagisto on Heroku and configured one dyno along with JAWS_DB mysql DB. Ran the migration, seeded data and the whole nine yards as listed in Installation guide. No issues.

    But when I tried to launch the app, it gets redirected to

    When tried to use Installer get stuck due to this error (not sure what is the logic of putting 50 char constraint)

    Please help get rid of this installer. Also there seems no info on the use of installer and how to disable it.

  • OK. After ignoring the useless 'Input value is longer than 50 char' error message, I was able to complete the installation using web Installer in 3-4 iterations.

    But after completing the installation, when I try to launch the app I get following new error

    file_put_contents(/app/storage/framework/sessions/gr5vzC31D53lRiY360QIxVrZ9cKsmnLGtsfJcl7D): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

    It seems Bagisto stores session info in file system and in Heroku, file system is not guranteed. If there are workaround for this problem?

  • @AshJi
    you can follow the solution provided in this link

  • Hi @Vaishali-Agarwal I tried the suggestions in the link you have provided

    composer dump-autoload
    php artisan vendor:publish

    uninking and creating symlink for "storage" again. But still getting same error.

    Issue as I understand is that in Heroku Ignite plan (free one) every time a dyno restarts, a new instance is created which is an image of the files which are originally checked in. This means that symlink and all the files within storage folder are deleted.
    This is by design from Heroku.

    Is there a a way to workaround this issue.

    If there is none what are the other option for hosting - AWS, GPC or else. Or going for paid version is the only option?


  • Hi @AshJi

    Kindly run this command at the root of project -

    php artisan config:cache


    go to directory laravel/bootstrap/cache and delete config.php file

  • @rahul said in How to get rid of Bagisto installer:

    php artisan config:cache

    Tried both deleting the config.php file and running the command. Now a different error

    file_put_contents(/app/storage/app/db-blade-compiler/views/3ad3cf66a3856b81120bd1be29475b50): failed to open stream: No such file or directory (View: /app/packages/Webkul/Shop/src/Resources/views/home/index.blade.php)

    I also check that this folder is empty in Heroku


  • @Vaishali-Agarwal @rahul besides trying to fix this issue, what will be good is to have some confirmation whether Heroku (Ignite plan) can be used to deploy and run Bagisto. Not necessarily it might be a Bagisto issues, but whether it is known to have Bagisto run pn Heroku. Otherwise it's just trial and error.

    Maybe I can give you guy the access to my env and/or you can try at your end as well.

    I am open to either switch to paid version of Heroku or any other hosting service when I can deploy and run Bagisto without such issues.

  • @AshJi
    We are trying to solve your issue on Heroku so we will try every step to get it working, for this we need your credentials to access the code on Heroku, you can simply raise the ticket here
    along with your credentials, then will fix the issue asap.


  • @Vaishali-Agarwal I have created a ticket at the link you have provided along with the credentials.

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