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Product store without inventory management

  • Hi all,

    New to Bagisto, loving it so far (and it has so much activity!). Been working on migrating an older storefront to use Bagisto which has been a challenge, but I'm down to pulling in order history so I'm getting close.

    Couple questions today:

    1. My client's products are all custom manufactured. As a result, there's no need to track inventory as they're doing that at a raw material level (offline) rather than at the product level. I imported all the products over as "Simple" products which works for the most part, however, I'm running into an issue where the store requires stock to add to the cart. Is there a type I should be using instead or is there a way I can disable the inventory functionality entirely?

    2. Are there any recently updated docs regarding the product types? Some of the features in Bagisto are self-explanatory, while others could benefit from a quick explanation & example.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi @jcargilo
    Welcome to the community of Bagisto!

    1. there is no option to disable inventory but we can guide you if don't want the inventory structure in Bagisto, You need to customize this.

    2. Bagisto Support 6 Types of products includes Booking product, grouped product, virtual product, downloadable product, Simple Product, Bundle Product

    Note: Bagisto also has a recent update on 1.0.0 or higher version, you can get update with all these guides

  • Hi @Vaishali-Agarwal,

    Thank you for the quick response!

    Yes, if you can assist me with disabling the inventory system, that'd be most appreciated.

    Also, thank you for the articles. I'll review them both in detail to educate myself more on those types. I am currently watching all of the commits and updating weekly, so I've got the latest build as of this morning.

  • @jcargilo
    Ok, I will let you know soon regarding the inventory system.
    Sure you can take your time to review the article, we are here to help you in case of any query!!


  • @Vaishali-Agarwal

    Ok, great. Looking forward to it.


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