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Cannot add new field to the addresses

  • Dear bagisto,

    i try to add two fields in the addresses which is 'province' and 'area',
    i already add new input fields in the view and add new those two column in the table 'addresses'

    i also already add the new field into the 'validate()' on this route.
    "Webkul\Customer\Http\Controllers\[email protected]"

    when i want to save..everything is saved except this two new field..
    Am i missing some step ?

    Edit :
    I just realise there's this file..

    do i need to add that two new field in here also?
    Please advice..

  • @otheriz
    you can add the more fields in addresses form as mention here

  • @Vaishali-Agarwal,

    It seems only add the field within the 'address' label..the user will be not knowing that they have to input 'province' and 'area' when there's no label..

    maybe if we can put the label/classes of the additional field, and the design has some margin like the other field(not stacked on the 'street address' field) would be better..

    i still looking for a way to add these two field..

    1. on table 'addresses' already added two column
    2. the POST data already shows/send the 'province' and 'area' data (not a null data)
    3. the update method seem like a normal method "$address->update($data)"
    4. i debug the $data variable just before the update method and the 'province' and 'area' value was there..somehow the ->update() method didn't insert it into the table field...

    I still wondering why..or there's another 'bagisto' configuration for these addresses?

  • @otheriz u need to add those 2 fields in model as well .

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