Tax Inclusive

  • there are some government rules that are required to display a price that already included there's any setting to achieve this from 'excluded to -> included'(not separated)...

    since it will be weird if set my price already included Tax then i set the VAT setting to 0% and displayed on checkout or order email stated "0%" VAT would lead into misleading information.

    is there's a setting to hide this VAT '0%' information for the inclusive tax? maybe per country setting ?

  • Hi @otheriz
    This feature is not available in bagisto for now. But we will surely implement this in our future release.
    Thanks for raising this query.

  • Thank you, i'll wait for it then..
    and if you implement it..

    don't forget to include VAT information like "VAT 5% included in the price" in the checkout, order email, invoice email, etc

    thank you

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