SES configuration not working in 1.1.2

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    There appears to be a mix-match of credentials when the application is sending them to the end-point. Are you wrapping it with something? Ar you escaping it?

    The SES SMTP relies on base-64 encoding. If it is not doing a conversion to base-64 we will get an authentication issue with SES.

  • i guess we have to do something like this to the code being sent to SES (username/password> where do we do this? I believe when we send it to AWS SES but where?

    $message->embedData(base64_decode($data['photos'][$x]), 'Blah')

    The above came from the internet describing what to do with a different issue.

  • @mikeyapina

    this is the message from AWS
    As discussed on call, the issue we are suspecting is that your application might not be encoding the SES SMTP credentials which is why we might be seeing 530 Authentication Error. You would be following up with the application vendor regarding this. Also, if you would like we would be happy to jump on a call with your vendor to discuss this further. Please do let us know

  • Hi @mikeyapina

    Bagisto is basically created on Laravel, a PHP framework, and its support Amazon SES SMTP.

    I think, might be, it is a problem of configuration due to which we are getting this issue. Kindly make sure it is configured correctly.

    You can follow this one for configuartion -


  • @rahul please read my messages from AWS .. it is clear you have not. The exact article I implemented before sending messages to you. Before engaging AWS SES. This is not the issue. Let me state this clearly. This is not the issue.

    The issue is clear! please listen to this time. AWS SES requires base64 translations of its passwords in order to work. Because you do not want to listen to me let me state it again. YOU HAVE TO USE BASE64 WHEN PASSING UN/PW to AMAZON SES.

    Please do I need to say it now for the 6th time!

    I can communicate from the command line I just cannot communicate using your scripts .. because it isn't properly sending it encoded in base64.

  • @mikeyapina so what I am hearing is since you guys will not fix this issue I have to create up a traditional not very reliable smtp server as the only solution?

  • @mikeyapina
    you may create ticket to our support team as we can't check with out having all the privilege.. kindly raise the ticket in the provided link or share your server FTP/SFTP credentials along with SES credentials.

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