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how to add another status or edit current status ?

  • Dear to add another status?

    like "pick and pack" or "item on prepared"?
    so customers don't have to wait until "shipping" to get the update..

    and how to change the current shipping status to "shipped" not "processing"?

    Thank you

  • @otheriz
    could you please confirm the term "status" whether it's an 'order status' or something other status??

  •'s the order status..

    This is how i use bagisto order module..
    current :
    Order - Invoice - shipping - done (PrePayment)
    Order - shipping - invoice(auto paid) - done (Cash On Delivery)

    What i need :
    Order - Invoice - Preparing - shipping - done (PrePayment)
    Order - Preparing - shipping - invoice(auto paid) - done (Cash On Delivery)

  • Hi @otheriz,

    There is a method named as updateOrderStatus($order) in file packages/Webkul/Sales/src/Repositories/OrderRepository.php at line number 272 (according to my file).

    You need to adjust your status here and then you need to call this repository method.

    Or if you don't want to manipulate this method then you can create your own method in this repository. For e.g.,

    public function changeOrderStatus($order, $status)
        $order->status = $status;

    And after that call your method like this,

    $this->orderRepository->changeOrderStatus($order, 'preparing');

    You can try according to your need.

  • hi @devansh-webkul ,
    I'm very thankful for the information

    this is safe, right?
    There's no other module that read base on order status?

    for example, [before add quantity to cart] (Read total quantity from)=>$order->where("status", "pending")...this is just a random there anything similar to this ? or is it safe to put custom status here other than bagisto current status?

    and currently when shipped the status is changed to "processing" where can i change it to "shipped" will it have side effect if i change it ?

    Thank You Very much brother

  • Hi @otheriz,

    Unless and until you are not manipulating the calculation in this method updateOrderStatus($order) in file packages/Webkul/Sales/src/Repositories/OrderRepository.php.

    In this method, 3 methods are calling which is depend on some calculations. Please go through it.

  • @devansh-webkul
    How and where I can call mentioned method: $this->orderRepository->changeOrderStatus($order, 'preparing');

  • Hi @rustam,

    There is no such method, i have just given him a suggestion to create one.

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