How to get started with creation of new payment gateway?

  • @AshJi,

    In initial phase, Paypal is also the same as you see the fresh package. So as per the requirement changes are done like registering routes, controller, etc.

    If you are creating packages and modules than you need to go deeper as well.


    Same here if you want to integrate PayU money you can take reference from the Paypal module.

  • @devansh-webkul Not sure whether I follow you want to say. Feature requirements I assume are internal to Bagisto. As end user, I would be interested in knowing what I can achieve with the 'package-installer' module? If one decides not to go "deeper", what purpose does this module serves? Just having a new payment option show up in UI cannot be the goal.

    Unfortunately its neither clear in the docs not your replies. If the module in current form does not support full integration then it's fine. But in that case instructions at this link needs to be updated as they are not in sync with the module.

    Hope you understand from end user's perspective.

  • Hi @AshJi,

    Yeah, I understand that.

    We have developed the package generator to simplify and reduce your time to manually creating the folder structures and templates. Any e-commerce doesn't provide you the one execution of payment method, if you're building a custom payment package then you have to do some part of customization yourself.

    It's an opensource system so you can contribute here if you assume something is wrong. Surely we would love to have a contribution from your side as well.

  • @devansh-webkul I would be more than happy to contribute to the open source. But unfortunately there is not enough useful doc available to understand the whole flow. Probably this is the reason almost 90-95% folks contributing are from the core team. Rest 5% folks have mostly done a few bug fixes here and there.

    Coming to integration with PG there are just 2-3 use cases. And all accept REST call to post a transaction (pre defined inputs) and it returns transaction status - success or failure. There cud be a few more secondary APIs. It cannot be more complicated than that.

    If someone from Bagisto team can work with me then I can help make a generic module and make it available to all your users. I seem posts so many folks struggling with same few problem.

  • @devansh-webkul I am new to payment gateways (I mentioned it in the opening of the topic) so I don't have much idea about the routes and controllers required and also don't have much idea about the flow of this framework which makes it difficult to explore deeper,
    therefore I was asking for a guide to integrate a payment gateway to have a better clarity of What and How?

    I suppose someone from the team at least must given payment integration a test run, who could guide us through this.

  • @devansh-webkul hi I would like to ask about the package creation of payment method. 32f4b79e-c48f-4b24-a2de-bc7600979a65-image.png

    Here it shows that the package:make-payment-method is not defined in my system. May I know the reason on this? Thank you very much

  • Hi @Ang-Norman,

    Please install Bagisto Package Generator.

    You can take reference from here,

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