Promotion action on cart rule -> on condition true add x Product by x QTY

  • Dear Bagisto Team,
    Thank you for all you support

    i have another matter..currently, i have assigned an enhancement here for future bagisto if possible...

    but, while it implemented to master to achieve this by myself?

    Maybe, what function/method is trigger when applying and cart rule..when the condition is true or false...maybe i can insert the item by implement some script when that method is triggered...

    And then, what method to insert an item into a cart with a modified 0 prices...?

    Thank you

  • HI @otheriz ,

    Thanks for initiative, but i would suggest either if you want an automatic insertion of product on condition True, then you have to display the offered item details along with product on home page because until customer is not aware about the offered product that won't be useful, or we can provide a product/category link on cart page from where customer can select offered product of his own choice on condition True.

  • hi @bhanu-webkul ,

    for the information to customer currently, we use/create promotion banner that put the information "buy min xxx get free 'A' item"..

    There's maybe good if we can get choice to
    additional field on the action tab
    'Customer select x item'
    (if the field is null or 0 it will be automatically inserted with 0 price/free)
    'Get Free items'
    (multiple select) and (integer qty field)

    give those two fields a border between user know that this field is related to each other

    How to achieve this ?

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