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Razorpay payment gateway and order status

  • Hi Team,
    payment done by razorpay payment gateway, orders are marked as 'completed' instead of processing or pending

    i guess flow should be like this
    -processing (after shipment or invoice is generated)

    and after a make invoice or shipment completed changes to processing

    is it a issue ?

  • Hi @Ashishaxaat,

    order status flow works as below
    whenever customer has used payment method in which invoice get generated automatically order status will be processing and becomes completed post shipment if shipment needed for that order else order status will be completed just after placing order
    2nd- when invoice does not get generate automatically order status will be pending, and after creating invoice it will become processing if shipment needed otherwise completed

    I hope its clear to you now,please let us know in case of any further assistance.

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