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php artisan config:cache error

  • I am using bagisto v1.2.0 and everything seems to be working fine, i recently decided to pull from the master and merge with my code. after a successful merge, i decided to run config:cache but I am getting the error
    [LogicException] Your configuration files are not serializable.

    In config.php line 3533:
    [Error] Call to undefined method Closure::__set_state()
    and when i check bootstrap/cache/config.php, this is what is there (copied only the part with issue)

    'pricerules' => array ( ), 'product-types' => array ( ), 'products' => array ( 'skipAttributesOnCopy' => array ( ), 'linkProductsOnCopy' => false, 'isSaleable' => Closure::__set_state(array( )), ),

    Obviously the closure call in config is the issue, but I cant seem to find the bagisto config file that defines it.

    pls help.
    Re: Config:cache error

  • @jeanlinux said in php artisan config:cache error:

    [LogicException] Your configuration files are not serializable.

    this bug is already raised in our master branch, once fixed you can get updated code again.


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