Creating a new page under customer/account/

  • How do I add in a new page under customer/account?

    I want to add it to the side navigation as well under profile.

    I am adding a project area.

    I can see the views in the file structure and I have tried to add in a new folder and blade, with the normal steps but have not managed to get this to work. Something isn't right.

    I have added a route in web.php but not sure this is right.

    Can anyone list the steps for me so I can check I have done whats needed?

    Any help would be great.

  • Hi @Jonathan

    Can you tell me what exactly you want to do. You are making a new package or you want to overide the existing packages?

  • @deepak227 thanks for the reply. When you are logged in as a customer you get the left hand sidebar with the profile etc on it. I am making a new section for this "Projects". This will be a new package I believe. Since posting this I have manage to find the developer documents (they are not as easy to find as they should be! I found a post saying there was none and then another saying there was...) So I am working through that at the moment to see if I can sort it.

  • Hi @Jonathan thanks for your reply, if you want to make new package please go through this link it will definitely help you.

    Thank you

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