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Problem when I set up a new theme

  • Hi, I had installed a new theme, everything look great! But I'm having a problem with the routes:

    Every time that I go to another page, for example the customer register / login, the page reloads, swaps the title (So the route is actually changing to the correct one) but the index page shows again.

    Did I do something wrong?

  • @Flow4all
    have you created your custom theme??
    please share some code or screenshot so that we can check and guide you..

  • I've created a custom theme like this:

    Going to config / themes, adding:

    'TVBasket' => [
    'views_path' => 'resources/themes/TVBasket/views',
    'assets_path' => 'public/themes/TVBasket/assets',
    'name' => 'TVBasket',
    'parent' => 'default'

    Also added the public / my theme

    Then I created the folders copying the default theme like the video that you did on youtube show.
    Then I'm able to SELECT the theme, looks like the default one and EVERYTHING WORK.

    Then I started to retheme and only changed the layout folder. When I finished, I was facing this problem, the routes are changing but not the view.

    This is my theme: (Only changed the layout folder, but you can try over there)

    Thank you in advance @Vaishali-Agarwal

  • Hi @Flow4all
    Could you please provide some more details about your issue like screenshots.

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