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How to customize the checkout flow

  • Hello Bagisto Community

    What is the right way to customize the purchase flow, (add or remove steps: modify routes, controllers, models, views, etc)

    For example:

    • Separate the step to request the payment data can be a route such as checkout/payment
    • Or a view to collect specific data of each business, for example we need to collect beneficiary data for insurance such as Name, age, and others, typically for us this should have a step (route) shop/beneficiary-data (it must be shown before of payment details)

    I hope you can help me, thanks in advance.

  • Hi @fabianjuarez,

    If you check this file packages/Webkul/Shop/src/Resources/views/checkout/onepage.blade.php there are several methods in the components which calling APIs.

    You can simply create one more method and hit your API to fetch data.

    It just up to the developer's choice for development.

  • Hi @devansh-webkul, thanks for answering, I will try that way.

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