How Can I add 'Continue' Button to proceed next step for Velocity 'checkout/onepage'

  • Hi,
    some novice users are facing trouble to proceed next step after completed 'billing address'
    use case is users want to have button to click for next steps specially for Billing / shipping address in 'checkout/onepage'

    I need to add 'Continue' Button to proceed next step for Velocity.

    Also on that button want to have prompt validation if any required field is missing !!

  • Hi @Zakir ,

    Could you please mention at which step you want to add continue button because in case of selecting billing / shipping address there are two condition, first is when user already have saved address so user has to select from the saved ones and second one is when user have to fill address details.


  • @vishalK said in How Can I add 'Continue' Button to proceed next step for Velocity 'checkout/onepage':

    to fill address details
    Thanks @vishalK ,
    yes definitely when to fill 'new address details' and / or for guest check out mode to fill address details.

  • Hi @Zakir

    To add continue button you have to add button code into $root_folder/packages/Webkul/Velocity/src/Resources/views/shop/checkout/onepage/customer-new-form.blade.php
    and after that you have to fully customise the flow of checkout page like Javascript events and other necessary things used in checkout page. First you have to understand the flow of checkout page and then modify it according to your requirement.


  • Thanks, I had tried with adding button and used event same as used other text fields , unfortunately button refreshed paged and noting worked .. anyways will try to learn its flow first.

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