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How to remove shipping tab and functionality in Billing page of Bagisto E-Commerce

  • Hi,

    Can anyone please suggest me how to remove shipping tab (i.e, second tab) and functionality in Billing page. Please find below is the screen shot of billing page.
    Screenshot (69).png

  • Hello Keerthi,

    As in Bagisto current version, we have two types of product

    1. Simple
    2. Configurable

    And, these two types are of physical products which needed to be shipped i.e., why we have provided shipping tab in checkout process. But, in the next release, we will add one more product type i.e, virtual product for which the shipping is not needed, so the shipping tab will be removed for virtual product.

  • Hi,

    Ok thank you for your information. Actually I need payments methods (Cash on delivery, Money Transfer and Paypal Payment) along with product summary in single page. Is it possible to do like that, because I don't know Vue.js. Thanks in advance.

  • Yes, it is possible. As I stated we have done this for virtual products. So, you may check it on next release which may be in first week of August.

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