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Migration Override for "product_reviews" tables.

  • Hi Rahul,
    I need to add video reviews in product review module. For now, there is only descriptive review option where a user can write review only. But I want to create post a video review in product review table.

    Can you please tell me how to override my product review table so that I can add more columns in my table and what is the procedure to change the product review controller.


  • Hello,

    You don't need to override migration, you just need to add a field in product review table.

    So, first of all, create a package, create a migration file in this package and add the desired column in it.

    Now you need to override view file from where we will submit product review so that you can provide a field to attach video.
    You can follow given a link to override views -

    Now you need to create the same name route in your package as the shop (PACKAGE) has for review post calling with your controller ( WHICH YOU WILL CREATE IN YOUR CONTROLLER).

    now all data will become in your controller, you need to write your own login here for the video upload.


  • @rahul Thanks

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