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Multi Exchange Rate for the same currency

  • Hello, I want to select foreach product a different rate from the other. And when changing the currency in the frontend each product will take the price based on the rate selected in the admin
    can you help me ?

  • @kassouf
    could you please show some of the screenshots or describe in detail your query!

  • @Vaishali-Agarwal
    I don't have screenshot.
    The idea is :
    In Lebanon the dollar rate is different for each product example : some products have rate : $1 = 1515 LBP and other product : $1 = 7000 LBP, so I want when changing currency from USD to LBP a calculation will be executed automatically based on every rate specified for each product in the catalog.
    I want when adding new product specify the rate example : product 1 rate 1515 and product 2 rate 7000 so automatically the calculation will be done.
    any help please ??

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