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Issues in apis

  • Hello
    i faced some issues in apis

    1 - if the user made register with an existing email in the database it return for me status code 200 and html content

    2 - if i made a get request to forgot password like this
    it return for me 404 not fount

    3 - update profile
    return for me status code 200
    and an html content with title Customer login
    normally if there is an issue there is a proper message should show up to me as a json

  • @MuhammadNashat said in Issues in apis:

    up to me as a json

    Hello @MuhammadNashat means you want to change the message right if so then please go to the file bagisto\packages\Webkul\API\Http\Controllers\Shop\SessionController.php and change the return response as your requirement.

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