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Star Rating in Admin Dashboard

  • Hey, I want to use Star rating in my admin dashboard review tab, I mean to update reviews from the admin dashboard,

    This is the code from product review, website
    <div :class="${errors.has('rating') ? 'has-error' : ''}">
    <label for="title" class="required">
    {{ __('') }}
    <star-ratings ratings="5" size="24" editable="true"></star-ratings>
    <span :class="control-error ${errors.has('rating') ? '' : 'hide'}" v-if="errors.has('rating')">
    @{{ errors.first('rating') }}
    but this code is not displaying stars in admin dashboard,
    as the <star-rating> component is not working.

    Could you please guide me on how to display stars in the admin dashboard?

  • Hi @Aymun-Dar if you want to update the reviews from the admin panel please check admin/reviews but this is not editable only you can approve or disapporved.

    For this you have to make changes in this.

    Thank you

  • Actually, the function that I want to implement is a bit different, That's why I want star rating at admin side.

  • Hi @Aymun-Dar,

    The code which you are checking is the code from the velocity package and that component lives inside the Velocity package scope. That's why your start component is not working.

    You need to check this file packages/Webkul/Admin/src/Resources/views/customers/reviews/edit.blade.php. You need to make your changes here.

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