Issue with configurable product custom attribute.

  • Hi, I added an "EAN" attribute, similar to SKU, unique and numeric. And I want that to appear for every configurable product.

    I created the attribute, assigned to a family group and then added this in the Admin / Src / Resources / Views / Products / Accordians / variations..blade.php

    past line 79

    <th class="sku">{{ __('admin::app.catalog.products.sku') }}</th>
                            <th class="ean">EAN</th>
                            <th>{{ __('') }}</th>

    Then on 117

                    <div class="control-group" :class="[errors.has(variantInputName + '[ean]') ? 'has-error' : '']">
                        <input type="text" v-validate="'required'" v-model="variant.ean" :name="[variantInputName + '[ean]']" class="control" data-vv-as="&quot;ean&quot;" v-slugify/>
                        <span class="control-error" v-if="errors.has(variantInputName + '[ean]')">@{{ errors.first(variantInputName + '[ean]') }}</span>

    Then on 245

                                            sku: '{{ $product->sku }}' + '-variant-' + optionIds.join('-'),
                                            ean: '{{ $product->ean }}',
                                            name: '',
                                            price: 0,
                                            weight: 0,
                                            status: 1
                                        }, this.variant));

    As result I have this:

    alt image text

    The EAN variation on my table that can READ the product EAN but not write or overwrite it. For example: I create a configurable product with 5 sizes (Variations). Then I try to set qty, sku, price, etc... All the values will save but the ean remains blank. If I go the every simple product page and update the Ean attribute there and then come back to the configurable product, I'm able to see the value in the table but not update it.

    What am I missing?

  • Hi @Flow4all,

    Please check this file packages/Webkul/Product/src/Models/Product.php. You need to add you EAN in fillables.

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