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custom theme migration not working

  • Hello all
    i made the exact copy of velocity theme called name theme2 i can select it from admin dashboard and it works
    when i modify variable.sass to change color for example
    after run npm run prod in publishable folder i have the css file
    when i run php artisan: php artisan vendor:publish --all --force
    here is result
    alt text
    as you can see for example for velocity assets
    [/vendor/bagisto/bagisto/packages/Webkul/Velocity/publishable/assets] To [/public/themes/velocity/assets]
    but there no folder copied about
    [/vendor/bagisto/bagisto/packages/Webkul/theme2/publishable/assets] To [/public/themes/theme2/assets]

    for this reason when i run php artisan serve there is no change
    can you please help me ?

  • Hi @raouf415,

    If I am not wrong you are using the Bagisto standard. You have created a new theme but you don't need to run vendor publish instead you need to manually add your files to the public path.

    The reason is in the Velocity package publishable are set for the velocity theme. So if you are publishing changes it won't impact because you are working on another theme.

  • @devansh-webkul
    Hello, thank you for answer
    yes i'm using bagisto standard i'm doing a lot of customizations
    and yes when i manualy copy the file from publishable to public path it works
    is there any solution do it copy automatic or like velocity theme ?

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    You have only one option, in this case, you need to configure your webpack.mix.js which is placed at the root that comes by default with the Laravel.

    Just check one with velocity package, here is the link,

    Copy all that stuffs and add to the root and then adjust things according to your need.

    Note: I have given you a reference don't add exactly the same.

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