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Show Maps When Creating Inventory Sources

  • Hello
    I want to add google maps when inputting inventory source data, so I'm using vue to show the maps and user will placed the marker, what I want is when user pointed the marker in maps, the latitude and longitude form automatically fill, I have got the latitude and longitude from google api, how can I assign the value to the latitude and longitude form ?

    Thank u

  • Hi @darkuser123,

    You already told that you are using the Vue component, so just make that two field dynamic. Just make a template for latitude and longitude and replace it with the old one.

  • @devansh-webkul where is the main.js or app.js location for Admin->settings->inventory_sources folder ? i want to check where is this validation come from, because i want longitude and latitude become required too Capture.PNG

  • Hi @darkuser123,

    Please check this file i.e. packages/Webkul/Admin/src/Resources/assets/js/app.js as this is the entry point for admin.

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