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Missing Product Price Helper class using BulkUpload extension

  • Hi there @devansh-webkul and others! I am in the midst of migrating products from Shopify to Bagisto utilizing, in part, the BulkUpload extension that is provided by Bagisto. I ran into an error when importing configurable products, it seems that the Webkul\Product\Helpers\Price class is just completely missing from my Bagisto instance. Any chance anyone has that file?

    The BulkUpload's HelperRepository class is trying to use that file on line 192, while adding the price to a configurable product: $productFlat->{$attribute->code} = app('Webkul\Product\Helpers\Price')->getVariantMinPrice($product);. I am not sure as to the exact functionality of that method or I would just reimplement it myself.

  • Hi @lukasyelle
    First i would like to suggest you to kindly check your excel or csv file it may be possible that there is some error in data format.
    If problem is not solved than kindly download updated bulk upload from
    and than try to upload.


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