Error while installing Aliexpress dropship extension

  • Hi,

    can you please help me with this:

    I am trying to install aliexpress dropshipping extension , I have done this steps:

    1. Into the config/app.php file added the following line under ‘webkul packages’:

    2. Into composer.json file inside the Bagisto root directory added the following line under ‘psr-4’:
      "Webkul\Dropship\": "packages/Webkul/Dropship"

    but the problem started when I run this command:
    composer dump-autoload

    I get this error message in the command line :

    "In ProviderRepository.php line 208:
    Class 'Webkul\Dropship\src\Providers\DropshipServiceProvider' not found
    Script @php artisan package:discover handling the post-autoload-dump event returned with error code 1"

    Please suggest me ?

  • Hi @macano,

    Just check the namespace it should be like this,

    "Webkul\\Dropship\\": "packages/Webkul/Dropship/src"

  • Thank you , I fix it .

    Best regards and Happy New year!

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