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Image Field Require not working

  • We want image field as required field
    <image-wrapper> component used and we have set required="true" as prop variable used but displaying error

  • Hi @Mayankpanchal,

    Can you please tell us where you want to required?

  • We want seller profile banner as required field

  • Hi @Mayankpanchal,

    Can you show me the code so that I can check what you are implementing?

  • @devansh-webkul here is code for required image field in marketplace seller profile edit page

    But required field not work proper
    <div class="form-group">
    <label>{{ __('') }}
    <div class="info-note"><i>Note:</i> Recommended image size is of Width 120px * Height 120px</div>
    <image-wrapper :button-label="'{{ __('') }}'" input-name="logo" :multiple="false" :required="true" :images='"{{ $seller->logo_url }}"'></image-wrapper>

  • Hi @Mayankpanchal,

    It looks like this is a marketplace code, please raise your support ticket here,

  • For me the image is working fine, Yes the required is an issue, But right now I am getting a different type of issue.

    When I do upload image for the first time, It's working fine. But when I do update the same form, without uploading the image, again it throws me the required error, even though the image is already there.

                            button-label="Sliders Image" 

    Well above is the code and also look at the Screenshot below, the image is in image viewer


    I always need to remove and upload again to submit the form, else it throws required error

  • And one more thing here, If I do remove image the required doesn't work.

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