500 | Server Error while running public/index.php

  • Hi all,
    I've completed Bagisto v1.2.0 environment setup but when I launch on Apache my index.php (bagisto/public/index.php) I get 500 Server Error.
    Debugging the index.php, the line that gives me the Server Error is the:
    just after:
    $response = $kernel->handle(
    $request = Illuminate\Http\Request::capture()

    Any idea?
    I fear that I missed something in installing correctly Bagisto framework...
    Thank you in advance,

  • Hi @wallace,

    Can you share with me the error logs?

  • enable error display in server or turn on debug mode in .env file. you will see the actual error message...

    if you do not enable error display you will get 500 server error
    you can also check the server error logs

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