How to override view file in bagisto?

  • Hi,

    To override layout, you can create your own view in laravel's default view folder.
    Check laravel's default view folder (resources -> views), you will find a folder name as vendor, In this vendor folder create your own view but make sure that it consist the same directory structure as package have.

    Example - like I have to override master file (Admin Package), First i will create admin folder, then will create layouts folder & inside this folder, create file name 'master.blade.php' & write own code here.


  • Is there any need to define the path of those views or not, like we define assets and views path in custom theme?

  • Hi @aroobaarooj499

    You don't need to define any paths for this views as it all are override view which path has been already defined.


  • Oka.. Thanks @

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