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Additional Data Into Product Detail

  • Hi everyone i am new to bagisto.
    I want to add questions and answer to product detail page i have added a data table into bagisto db and want to show questions and answers there how can i do that please guide me thanks.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hi @usman-tahir,

    i have added datatable -> This means you have setuped things just need to display or you want full implementation ideas like setting up question form and answer form for users.

  • @devansh-webkul Hi thanks for the reply. The data table that i have added was by myself i just create a migration and add a table into database now i simply want to show the values into product detail page.
    Why i did this because i am migrating a project into bagisto and importing products reviews categories and all that i need into the database everything is good but i want to add the product question answer as well on the product detail page which i get from an other database.

  • Hi @usman-tahir,

    For this, you should be familiar with multiple database connections. You can check the Laravel docs first.

    Then start with registering your another database in the config and then starts with the model if you are comfortable.

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