Import\Create custom VueJS component to the view file!

  • I want to create my Vue component and display it on the page, but I can't do it.
    First of all, I added example.vue file to the: /packages/Webkul/Velocity/src/Resources/assets/js/UI/components/example.vue.
    Then in the file: packages/Webkul/Velocity/src/Resources/assets/js/app.js I added next lines

    import VueExample from 'example-component';
    Vue.component('example-component', require('./UI/components/example'));

    In the view file: resources/themes/velocity/views/products/view.blade.php, I added <example-component></example-component> but nothing happens.
    This is the first time I do it) How can I add this component?

  • Hi @Serhii,

    Did you compile your assets?

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