Card template in list

  • I need to change the card in the list/grid view of all products; for instance I want to remove the price.

    I thought it would be as easy as changing the 'recources/themes/THEME/views/products/list/card.blade.php' but editting this template doesn't change anything.

    Can anybody help me here? Thanks a lot! ☺

  • Hi @Joep,

    Price is coming from this file, resources/themes/THEME/views/products/price.blade.php.

    Please check and let me know.

  • Hi @devansh-webkul,

    Thank you for your reply!

    The price was just an example, but what I would like to do is to change the card template. Logically it would be the 'recources/themes/THEME/views/products/list/card.blade.php' file that I have to change...

  • Hi @Joep,

    Actually, for the velocity theme, it is coming from the compiled file, so either you need to make your changes in this file,


    and then recompile your assets.

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