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In which file going to be save the summary of the ordered products?

  • Hi can anyone please tell me where to save the summary of the order to database (file name)

  • Hi @Keerthi

    Summary is just a order information which is used to show while checkout, we don't need to save it in database. You can check 'summary.blade.php' file in checkout folder of shop's view for it.

    It contains same fields of order like price, quantity, tax & total etc.


  • Hi Rahul,

    Can you tell me in which file going to be store total, price and quantity, from there is it possible to store image url like this

    Please suggest me on this, thank you in advance.

  • Hello @Keerthi

    You need to customise for it & can do as -

    Add column 'image' in oder_item table.

    1. Insert base image when order gets placed.
    2. Show this image where you want.
    3. This is the way, you can achieve it.

    Do this all things in your package, don't make changes in core system.


  • Hi Rahul,

    I have created one more column called 'image' in order_item table, it is storing data into order_item table when I tested with php, Can you please tell me in which controller is going to be storing the data and which controller going to be used to view data from order_items table, please tell me, for reference below are the screenshots.

    to inserting image into order_items table, but it is storing into two rows:

    Screenshot (110).png

  • Hi Rahul,

    Actually I have added 'image' column in orders table from there I can easily retrieve the image but Image is not storing after place the order. Where as I have added 'image' column in order_items table from this I can easily store the image into order_items but I don't know how to retrieve the image from order_items table, please suggest me on this problem. Thank you

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