Switch Currency and Locale API is not available

  • In the API package, the switch-currency and switch-locale API's are missing the business logic to switch the currency and locale.

    Go to "Packages/Webkul/API/Http/routes.php, you will see the routes for switching the currency and locale.

    //Currency and Locale switcher
    Route::get('switch-currency', '[email protected]');
    Route::get('switch-locale', '[email protected]');

    but when you open the corecontroller, you will see no business logic to switch it.

    public function switchCurrency()
            return response()->json([]);
    public function switchLocale()
            return response()->json([]);

  • Currently, this is not supported that's why it is blank.

    All these things will integrate when this enhancement is start,

    In this, we will provide the API for the whole system.

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