How to add two more input fields to address page in bagisto ecommerce

  • Hi,

    can anyone tell me how to add and two more input fields and then how to store that data into database from address page in bagisto ecommerce, please find below are the screenshot to add input fields.


  • Hi @Keerthi

    First of all you need to create a package or you can do it in your existing package but not in core system, then need to override this view file & can add your field in this file.

    According to your requirement, you need to add field in database (cart_address), override its model, create controller & provide your controllers path in route file ( you route file ).

    Like this for route -

      Route::post('/checkout/save-address', 'youcontrollerpa[email protected]')->name('');

    Doing this, Data will be save through your controller & can perform action according to your need.


  • Hi Rahul,

    Thank you......!

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