How to Install Bagisto in MAC?

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    Follow these steps, precisely:

    Brew Update:

    1. Run brew update in terminal

    Install PHP:
    2. brew install [email protected]

    Install NodeJS/NPM:
    3. brew install node

    Install Composer:
    4. Install Composer by going to the link below:

    Change the composer's path to default system path:
    5. mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

    Install MySQL:
    6. brew install [email protected]

    Install Larvel Valet Dependency:
    7. composer global require laravel/valet

    Install Valet in your Mac system:
    8. valet install

    Configure your TLD:
    9. valet domain app/test

    Download bagisto in a folder named sites(create if not there) inside home:
    10. composer create-project bagisto/bagisto bagisto

    Change directory for other commands below:
    11. cd inside the folder bagisto

    Note: Put the details for MySQL database and APP in .env file:

    Run Migration To Get All Tables that Bagisto Requires:
    12. php artisan migrate

    Run this If you need demo data:
    13. php artisan db:seed

    Run this to publish all assets from config files to assets:
    14. php artisan vendor:publish
    -> Press 0 and then press enter to publish all assets and configurations.

    Make the symlink for storage/public inside public directory:
    15. php artisan storage:link

    This must be it.

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