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Add to cart is empty if you are not logged in mini-cart is status: false

  • Hi everyone,
    Please I have setup Bagisto 1.3.2 on an ubuntu machine everything is working.

    • But, when I click on add to cart from home page I can see a success pop pup message saying added to cart, but nothing is actually added.

    • If I click on buy now or add to cart from the product detail page it just fresh and return empty in the cart.

    Please can someone help me fixing this.

    After checking the console->network tab I can see mini-cart logging status: false I don't know if this is a config problem or not


  • I am not able to reproduce this in the version 1.3.2 have you done any changes.

  • Thank for your reply @devansh-webkul
    I am experimenting this in production but in local it's working well.

    I did some changes but mostly in style and the same is working locally but not in production.

    Please what is the more deep way to check the version without relying on the version parameter from the .env?
    This is because I loose this parameter at some point while trying to upgrade. So, I am not very sure of the proper version I am running.

    Thank you.

  • Hi @Kamdjou,

    Yeah currently in Bagisto is in .env. It should be handled in the class from the constant.

  • Yes @devansh-webkul I can confirm that it's bagisto version 1.3.2 from: .env.example and .env.testing files.

    Please how can I debug this it's becoming crucial to me?

    Thanks and happy new year 🙂

  • I think something wrong with you instance, i am not able to reproduce that.

  • @devansh-webkul thank you my friend.
    I have to redeploy the instance and re add my customizations and it works.
    it was a very ambiguous one.


  • @Kamdjou,

    It usually happens and I am glad that you reported also.